The name of the Society shall be All India Islamic Foundation. In Tamil it shall be known as (Akila India Isiamia Niruvanam) hereinafter called. Foundation for sake of brevity.
The Registered office of the Foundation shall be situated in the city of Chennai and will be located at such address as the Managing Committee may decide from time to time, present address, Buhari Towers, Ground floor, No.4, Moores Road, Chennai - 6.
Welcome To |Crescent College of Education for Women

CRESCENT COLLEGE OF EDUCATION FOR WOMEN was established in the year 2006.our founder Dr.B.S. Abdur Rahman, a great Philanthropist established Campus, Kallampatti under the Jwel box, Alll India Islamic Foundation,Chennai. The other pearls in the necklace are:

  • Crescent Residential Hr.Sec.School for Boys, Vandalur.
  • Crescent Engineering College, Vandalur..
  • Crescent Girls Matriculation Hr.Sec>School, Nungambakkam, Chennai.
  • Crescent Girls Matriculatin Hr. Sec. School, Nagore.
  • Thassim Beevi Abdul Kader College for Women, Kilakarai.
  • Crescent Girls Matriculaton Hr. Sec. Shool, Kallampatti, Madurai
  • Crescent Teacher Training Institute for Women, Kallampatti, Madurai
  • Crescent College of Education for Women, Kallampatti, Madurai
  • Crescent Yusuf Zulaika school of Nursing, Kallampatti, Madurai

The most refreshing aspect of its emergrnce has been the Seriousness with which its students approach their academics and the fiercely competitives nature which they go into both theory and practicle aspects of teaching education and CO-Curricular activities. while many are satisfied with having taken part in the right Spirit, Crescent Teacher Training students have quickly realized that few remember a loser. Winning mtters and winning in the right spirit matter more.


It was generally felt by the foundations that women in the general and muslim in particular are most backward in education. Education to a girl will brighten up the education atmosphere in the family with this aim, the sponsors have started this institution, in the historical city of maduri.


Crescent Teacher Training Institute for women and Hostel is situated at he foot hills of the herbal rich Alagasr hills within hte crescent Educational Campus at Seethakathi Nagar, Kallampatti on the Natham- Alagarkovil link road nearly 20kms away from the temple city, Madurai-625 014

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