The name of the Society shall be All India Islamic Foundation. In Tamil it shall be known as (Akila India Isiamia Niruvanam) hereinafter called. Foundation for sake of brevity.
The Registered office of the Foundation shall be situated in the city of Chennai and will be located at such address as the Managing Committee may decide from time to time, present address, Buhari Towers, Ground floor, No.4, Moores Road, Chennai - 6.

Our institution is a constituent college of the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University. So the college does not have the freedom to develop or to bring about needed changes in the curriculum. The University frames curriculum, syllabus, examination scheme, evaluation, result publication, etc But we give our valuable suggestions to the university in the development of curriculum. Freedom is given in selection of elective courses and organizing activities needed to the immediate community. Manually we collect feedback from our student teachers, faculty and alumni regarding the curriculum and send our suggestions to the University for reformation in the curriculum. We also have discussions with academic experts regarding curriculum revision. We have also developed a database to collect feedback about the programme from student teachers and alumni.
The teacher educators’ demonstration of lessons in concerned subjects is observed by student teachers. Students are exposed to demonstrations by experienced teachers invited from various schools and professors from colleges and universities. This enables them to grasp the teaching tactics of different teachers. They submit a report on the curriculum transaction, analyze the skills included and prepare a criticism of the teaching they observed. In addition they also get an opportunity to observe the classroom teaching by their mentors in the respective practice teaching schools during the first two days of teaching practice.

Prior to teaching practice student teachers are also exposed to various educational technology to be substituted in curriculum transaction. Student teachers are allowed to view a video showing the different type of teaching aids like charts, flash cards, rotating cards, working and static models and so on. They are also trained in preparation of various teaching aids and ways of handling them.

Transparencies and Power point presentations are prepared by student teachers and utilized during seminar presentation in the classroom. Student teachers are exposed to different teaching methods before internship. The various techniques of teaching lecture, lecture cum demonstration, project and assignment methods are adopted by them in classroom teaching during internship.

Micro teaching skills are practiced by student teachers for a week under the supervision of the faculties.
In our college most of the classroom lectures are supported by educational technology. Soft wares are prepared by faculties in the respective papers and LCD projection is made without any restriction. Some of the lectures are also supported by Over Head Projection.

Student teachers are also motivated to prepare power point presentations and transparencies for seminars in the classroom.
Various guest lectures are being arranged to provide varied learning experiences to student teachers. The following are the guest lecturers invited from other colleges and universities.

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