The name of the Society shall be All India Islamic Foundation. In Tamil it shall be known as (Akila India Isiamia Niruvanam) hereinafter called. Foundation for sake of brevity.
The Registered office of the Foundation shall be situated in the city of Chennai and will be located at such address as the Managing Committee may decide from time to time, present address, Buhari Towers, Ground floor, No.4, Moores Road, Chennai - 6.



Dr. S. Mahdoom Ariffa

M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., M.Sc., M.S., Ph.D




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Warm Greetings!


“ Who ever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, All will make easy for him a path to Paradise. ( Prophet Mohammed Sal).

Our Crescent College is one of the gateway to enter academic excellence through knowledge. Our College, Cradle in the lap of nature creates our students and faculties striving hard with zeal fro empowering themselves with skills and creativity. Because the heart and soul of the life is creativity and innovation”.

Education is a series of experiences to achieve all our endeavours. It plays a predominant role in designing an individual’s life. Adopting the changes, according to the needs of the era, we are training the younger teachers socially, psychologically, morally and technologically smart in their profession. Prophet ( Sal) said “ The best of people are those with the most excellent character”. Our teacher educators shaping our budding teachers towards excellent character formation.

Present era is paradigm shift from teaching to learning. We are transmitting the process of learning as the Great poet Thiruvalluavar, “ Learn what is to be learn with not laws; once learnt stand by what you learnt”.

I appreciate every student and teacher who share the joy of participation in the releasing of college magazine along with their commitment to the curriculum.

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